A Guided Review & Reflection Through The Inquiry Educators Summit 2021
Cindy Blackburn
5 min read
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I had an absolute blast learning at this years’ The Inquiry Educators Summit (TIES 2021). It is such a treat to get to peek into the minds of our industry thought leaders and start to imagine a path forward in our learning journey as educators! While this year has been one of immense change and challenge, the overall tone of TIES 2021was one of optimism and hope for a better path forward. 

One talk that resonated deeply with me was Julie Stern’s Master Class ‘Learning That Transfers: Designing Curriculum for a Changing World’ centered on learning that transfers. Stern describes a process for planning learning that empowers students to take on the unknown by focusing on recognition of concepts and transferring those understandings to new situations. She provides a 3 step framework – Acquire, Connect, Transfer.

This blog is an experiment in inquiry. Rather than just hearing about my ideas, I would love for you to create your own meaning by engaging in an asynchronous, guided inquiry into major concepts from learning at TIES. Using the ACT framework, I will provide a process for furthering the thinking and discussion we began at TIES 2021 to draw threads of connection conceptually and identify where we might be headed in the field of education. Please make sure to follow along with the accompanying hand out that will guide you through a process of thinking through these ideas.

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