A Roadmap for Success in the Single Subjects – Key Learnings and Resources from Webinar
Andy Vasily
5 min read

Setting the Scene

If you are reading this blog post, chances are that you are open to exploring new ways to plan your units, ensuring more clarity and purpose in student learning. Changing the way we plan can help us see units we teach in a different light, allowing us to reframe, reorganize, and recalibrate. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, and is instead about reflecting and refining what we do to impact student learning on a deeper level. 

The day-to-day demands on teachers can be overwhelming and very hard to navigate. It takes a very special focus and a relentless level of effort to remain on the top of our teaching games. In this blog post I share a pre-unit planning framework that I have adapted from IB’s From Principles into Practice and developed over the past few years. It helps break down not only the ‘why’ of teaching, but also the ‘what’ and ‘how.’

A Framework for the Planning Process

Andy Vasily's Pre-Unit Planning Prompts and Documents
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