Toddle Case Study

How Toddle Enabled Real-time Collaboration in a Virtual IB School

With Toddle, not only were we able to plan collaboratively, 
share progress reports, and prepare for our evaluation visits, 
but also support the well-being of our virtual school community!”
Ms. Tarra Tanauan, PYP Curriculum Coordinator
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Housed among scenic gardens at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, EtonHouse Malaysia is a closely knit teaching and learning community that aspires to shape the future through education.

Their PYP coordinator, Tarra Tanauan shares, “Our school is one big home filled with warmth! You’ll find children playing with birds, and parents and teachers having candid chats out in our gardens. So when the COVID-19 pandemic demanded a switch to virtual learning, we were determined to keep our community just as close and connected. This is where Toddle stood out for us.”

“When we stepped into virtual learning with Toddle, our teachers, students, and parents were all delighted by how familiar it seemed. Our teachers could collaborate on unit plans almost as easily as they used to in-person, and families never had to miss out on their young ones’ milestones, just like before!”

EtonHouse Malaysia Case Study
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“Teachers who were new to the PYP felt equipped with Toddle’s planners”

When new teachers came on board during the pandemic, Tarra found that Toddle helped them develop a better understanding of the PYP and bridged knowledge gaps in their remote team. She elaborates, “The PYP has a vast vocabulary which can be a bit overwhelming for teachers who are new to the IB, more so, if they’re part of a remote team. Our new teachers couldn’t reach out and get their questions answered as often as they would have in a physical school, and would often feel lost during our virtual collaborative planning meetings. That changed when we switched to Toddle”

“With Toddle’s planners, our teachers had stepwise IB guidance, and could get relevant information at the click of a button. So all our teachers, both new and experienced, could contribute equally to the planning process.” 

She adds, “Another big takeaway was how well our teachers could scaffold learning with Toddle. Whether or not we were already familiar with the inquiry cycle, Toddle’s planners helped reinforce the importance of prior learning and the connections between past and future learning.”

“Toddle’s progress reports were a win-win for our entire virtual community”

With Toddle, the teachers at EtonHouse Malaysia had ready access to all  their evidence – photos and videos of their students’ work, past grades, learning outcomes, and more – ready to be added to the progress report templates with the click of a button. This helped them create detailed, narrative reports at a much faster pace. Tarra elaborates, “Before Toddle, 3-4 teachers on our team would sit together for hours to browse through evidence and create report cards from scratch. Sometimes, we’ve even had to pull all-nighters just to deliver report cards to families in time.”

“On Toddle, our teachers were able to save and re-use comments, and tag relevant photos or videos to support their comments without needing to sift through multiple folders. This way,  we could create more meaningful reports much faster, even while working virtually. Infact, we were able to create and share reports for one whole grade-level, within 2 hours!”

“Moreover, families got a much better picture of their children’s progress with all the photos, videos, and other visual evidences we were able to add. Toddle’s progress reports were truly a win-win for our entire virtual community!”

“Toddle helped calm our nerves before our first-ever remote evaluation visit!”

In 2021, for the first time, EtonHouse Malaysia had to face their IB evaluation visit remotely. With Toddle, their teachers were able to automatically organize all their evidences in one place.  Tarra reflects, “We used to manage our evidences in around 120 clunky folders, which would have caused so much chaos during our virtual IB visit. Fortunately, we had switched to Toddle by then.”

“On Toddle, all we had to do was tag evidences to suitable standards or practices, and they would then automatically organise themselves in Toddle’s evaluation dashboard. This saved us so much time and effort and calmed our nerves before our evaluation visit! Besides, the visiting team was pleased with how we could give them one-click access to our POI insights, past planners, and all other important documents. ”

“We were able spread some cheer and support the well-being of our virtual community with Toddle”

When the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the closeness of their school community, Tarra and her team turned to Toddle. She remarks, “Toddle helped translate the warmth of our community to a virtual setting! For instance, we created a unit of inquiry about well-being and opened it up to the entire school community. All our students, parents, and support staff could share photos and videos about how they were keeping themselves happy during the lockdown, and we’d comment on each other’s posts to build encouragement and support. This was a representation of how we used to connect with each other during our morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups before the pandemic. 

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Tarra Tanauan
Tarra Tanauan is the whole school coordinator at EtonHouse Malaysia. She has been a part of the EHM family since 2013 and has held teaching from the Early Years to Primary Years level and currently part of the leadership team.Tarra fully embraces lifelong learning and advocates for global citizenship education.
How Toddle Enabled Real-time Collaboration in a Virtual IB School