Toddle Case Study

How an IB School Standardised Teaching-learning Practices with Toddle

We used to struggle to help our new teachers get up to speed with all the multiple systems we were using. With Toddle’s all-in-one platform, they were able to adapt to our school’s practices within 1-2 weeks!
Molly Reeves, Grade-4 Homeroom Teacher and English Language Lead
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With over a decade’s experience in upholding the IB pedagogy, Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS) provides a well-rounded academic program from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th grade IB Diploma.

To coordinate its fast-growing team of 180+ educators, the school needed an all-in-one platform that could standardise their teaching practices and improve visibility across grade-levels.

Their PYP coordinator, Merve Korkmaz reflects, “We used 4 different platforms for planning, documenting, and reporting, and lost a lot of time just coordinating information between these platforms. Moreover, since our team was always growing, we struggled to help our new teachers get up to speed with the multiple systems we were using.”

“Once we switched to Toddle, we were able to manage our planning, evidence collection, reporting, and family communication, all from one place, and could spend our efforts on improving teaching and learning practices as a team.”

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“We built insightful multimedia report cards with no tech help at all!”

Before Toddle, the teachers at BLIS had to rely on their IT team to set up progress reports. Merve shares, “Every time our teachers needed to create report cards, they had to involve a long chain of IT experts, which was often tedious and error-prone due to communication gaps. With Toddle’s report templates, our teachers were able to take the lead themselves and set a standard structure for progress reports across the school. All they had to do was fill in their grades and comments in the prebuilt template, which was made even easier as they had one-click access to past grades, assessments, learning outcomes, and other information, from within the template.”

“They were even able to add photos, videos, screen recordings, and other visual evidences of their students’ work in the report cards, which gave families a much better understanding of the kind of support their children needed. This way, Toddle helped our teachers build insightful multimedia progress reports with no tech help at all!”

“New teachers were able to adapt to our school’s practices within 2 weeks”

With Toddle’s planners, the teachers at BLIS had greater visibility over each other’s work and could keep abreast of the school’s practices. Their grade-4 homeroom teacher and English Language Lead, Molly Reeves explains, “We had tried 2 different platforms for planning, but neither of them helped our new teachers locate information when they needed it most. For instance, when a teacher joined us mid-term, and needed to know which ATLs or concepts to pick for a unit, they had to dig through multiple documents. On Toddle, they could view our planning analytics, past POIs, and unit plans – all in one place.

“Another advantage especially for teachers who were new to the PYP was how IB guidance was closely weaved into the platform. Be it through the stepwise tips within the planners, exemplars for assessments and reports, or the comprehensive resources on Toddle Learn, Toddle has played an important role in helping our new teachers develop a better understanding of the PYP.”

Their Early Years educator and Toddle coordinator, Saowalak Vinijkul remarks, “Toddle also helped our more experienced teachers streamline their practices by providing contextual tips and reminders as they went about the planning process. Moreover, each of us could add in our reflections on what made a unit unique, as comments or audio notes within the planner, which made collaboration so much easier during our virtual learning period. The icing on the cake though was the provision to tag PYP curriculum goals for learning experiences! It helped us plan more intentionally, support student differentiation, and make connections visible to our entire community.”

“Toddle streamlined family communication and saved us the hassle of back-and-forth emails”

The teachers at BLIS found that Toddle could help bridge the gap between families and the school, especially during distance learning. Saowalak shares, “During our virtual learning period, we had to go the extra mile to keep families in the loop. The portfolio tool we were using then couldn’t capture everyday learning experiences, and so didn’t help us showcase our students’ learning moments in depth.

She adds, “The transition to Toddle has been incredibly easy for our students too. One of my Pre-K students uploaded his work independently on the Toddle Student App!”

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Toddle is an all-in-one teaching-learning platform for IB and other progressive schools. Toddle seamlessly integrates curriculum planning, evidence collection, student portfolios, reporting, and parent communication – all from one beautiful interface – and helps teachers focus on the important things.
How an IB School Standardised Teaching-learning Practices with Toddle