Toddle Case Study

How Toddle Helped an IBPYP School Ace Their Evaluation Visit

With Toddle’s support, we believed that our evaluation visit was bound to be a success, and we were right!
Shelley Charanduk, IB PYP Coordinator, Walden International School
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Located in Oakville, Canada, Walden International School was founded in 2016 and successfully completed its authorisation within two years. However, by the time their evaluation was nearing, the school had grown rapidly, and realised that their tech platform was causing more problems than it solved.

Their PYP coordinator, Shelley Charanduk, explains, “We were a smaller school when we underwent our PYP authorisation, and we still had such a chaotic experience with the tech platform we were using back then. We had to sift through multiple folders each time we needed to find a particular piece of evidence. And because of how cumbersome this process was, we would sometimes tend to lose sight of whether we were covering all Standards and Practices (S&Ps). There was no way we were going to rely on the same platform as a larger school. So a year before our evaluation, we decided to move to a platform that was tailored to IB’s way of evidence collection, and would offer end-to-end support for our evaluation. And that’s when Toddle came into the picture for us!”

Walden International School Case Study
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“Toddle made evidence collection fool-proof and effortless for us!”

With Toddle’s evidence collection dashboard, not only could the teaching team at Walden International organise all their evidence in one place, but could also rest assured that they were covering all standards and practices (S&Ps). Shelley shares, “When we moved to Toddle, the evidence collection dashboard automatically listed all the S&Ps in one place, and that itself was half the job done for us! All we had to do then was map suitable evidence against each practice. This was also made much easier because we could access our unit plans, learning experiences, student portfolios, policy documents, and all other evidences from within Toddle, at the click of a button. No scrambling through tons of folders, no back-on-forth emails to discuss where we could find a particular piece of evidence. We could do it all within Toddle!”

“The visiting team was pleased to get one-click access to such comprehensive, authentic documentation!”

Having also been an IBEN and an evaluator for over 10 years, Shelley observed that Toddle’s evidence collection dashboard supported everything that IB schools needed to complete their authorisation and evaluation visits. She shares, “As an IBEN, I’ve visited schools where leaders have worked tirelessly to gather and organise documentation. I’ve especially observed how they find it challenging to embed videos or images within these documents, and keep up the quality of evidence they presented to us. So when it was my turn to prepare for Walden International’s evaluation visit, I wanted to provide comprehensive evidence – both in terms of quality and quantity – for every S&P. This is where Toddle came in handy.”

“With Toddle, not only could I present multiple pieces of evidence against each S&P, but also present them in the best format possible. I was free to add video-tours of my classes, text documents, or audio-notes of student work, and Toddle would beautifully collate all of them for me in one place!”

Shelley sums up, “The visiting team was pleased with how we could give them one-click access to such comprehensive, authentic documentation on Toddle. They remarked they had never seen evidence being organised in such detail, and it certainly made our school proud! After seeing the effortless success that the PYP team has had, our MYP team is now planning to use Toddle for their upcoming authorisation visit.”

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How Toddle Helped an IBPYP School Ace Their Evaluation visit