Toddle Case Study
How BIS Replaced Multiple Platforms with Toddle and Reduced Technology Time for Their Teachers by 40%
“We were earlier using multiple platforms for planning, portfolios, reports, and school-home communication. Not only has Toddle made things so much simpler, but also helped us reduce our technology spend.”
Nita Luthria Row, Head of Junior School

The Bombay International School, founded in 1962, is one of the leading international schools in Mumbai, India. Since its inception, BIS has been a parent cooperative with a focus on international-mindedness in teaching and learning. To stay true to this vision, BIS became a candidate PYP school in 2013 and was authorised in 2017. It is now preparing for its first 5-year evaluation.

In its first few years as a PYP school, BIS used multiple platforms to manage teaching-learning in  the PYP. They used one platform for planning and documentation,  a second platform for student portfolios, and also the Google Suite of products for collaborative planning. Nita Luthria Row, the Head of Junior School shares, “While this was working, it was a very clumsy and inefficient system as it required teachers, parents and administrators to sign in and out of multiple platforms. We were constantly struggling between these platforms that didn’t speak to one another in any way and were not designed with the needs of PYP educators in mind”. These platforms were proving to be a challenge to everyone in the BIS community; on top of that there were always a lot of hidden costs. Nita recalls, “We used a planning platform used by many IB schools around the world, and while it did provide for Reports and Attendance, these were expensive add-ons to our subscription; the Reports were also not really customizable”.

How BIS replaced Multiple Platforms with Toddle to bring coherence to their teaching-learning processes and save tons of time!
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