Toddle Case Study
How Sandnes International School Reimagined Progress Reports and Created Them in Record Time with Toddle
“The biggest benefit in my opinion was the time that the Report Card creation process saved my teachers - it was so much faster with no real hassles.”
Mary Kay Polly, Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Sandnes International School was founded in 2017 in Norway, with a vision to inspire growth, empower excellence and enrich lives.  It is a growing, diverse community of educators, students, and teachers representing over 20 nationalities.

To realize their school’s mission of creating a better world by providing students with a rigorous curriculum and giving opportunities to take meaningful action, Sandnes International School applied for IB PYP candidacy. Mary Kay Polly, PYP Coordinator at Sandnes, was focused on simplifying the PYP and ensuring that everyone in the school community understood how teaching and learning happened in this new programme. She explains “As a candidate school, PYP and inquiry were new to all our teachers, students, and families. My role was to make sure that everyone had a common understanding of how learning happens and how student progress is measured”. This is when Mary Kay introduced Toddle as the All-in-One platform for their PYP community. The teaching team uses Toddle for curriculum planning, student portfolios, assessment, reporting, and family communication.

How Sandnes International School Reimagined Report Cards and Created Them in Record Time
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