Toddle Case Study
How the International Learning Group Partnered with Toddle to Become the First IB World School in Kosovo
“Toddle has revolutionized our teaching and learning. It has transformed our collaborative planning and has helped us connect with IB teams all over the world.”
Rachel MacKinnon, Executive Director,
International Learning Group

The International Learning Group (ILG) School is situated in Kosovo, in the Balkan Region of  Europe. It was founded in 2004 by a group of parents in Kosovo for humanitarian work after the war, looking to provide access to international education in English to their children. ILG School is now in its sixteenth year of operation and is spread across three buildings. With students from over 25 nationalities, ILG is the first IB World School in Kosovo and creates global citizens ready to lead the world to a better future.

As a school community new to the IB curriculum, the International Learning Group was looking to improve collaboration for their teachers to develop a deeper understanding of IB. Therefore, the team wanted to focus on establishing collaborative practices within its community, as well as find opportunities to collaborate with the global IB community. Rachel MacKinnon, the Executive Director at ILG shares, “One of the primary goals of our team was to become the very first IB World School in a country that is so young and dynamic. However, being the only candidate IB World School in Kosovo, we felt like we were working alone and were missing a big aspect of what makes IB come alive – collaboration. Toddle has revolutionized our teaching and learning practices and has helped us connect with IB teams all over the world. I believe that our growth as a school has also helped Toddle grow and together we have seen it become richer for both sides.”

International Learning Group Case Study
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