Toddle Case Study
How Toddle Helped a Candidate School, Focus High School, Develop a Deeper Understanding of MYP Planning
All our teachers were new to the MYP, and Toddle’s planners became our confidant!
Mr. Mustafa Zaidi, Joint Director (Curriculum)

Born out of a social project in India, Focus High School aims to make high-quality IB education affordable and maintains a keen focus on promoting holistic development in students.

The school’s joint director (curriculum), Mr. Mustafa Zaidi shares, “We’ve always believed that quality and affordability should go hand-in-hand in education, and we were glad to see Toddle reflect our school’s values so well. On top of being more affordable than most learning management systems, Toddle has understood and responded to our teachers’ needs like no other. We now use Toddle to design our curriculum and unit plans, and it has had a profound impact on our understanding of the IB and our journey towards authorisation!”

Focus High School Case Study
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