Toddle Case Study
How Toddle helped the teachers and families of Raffles World Academy develop a hands-on understanding of the PYP
Even while we had close to 100 educators working across 8 grade levels in the PYP, Toddle’s planners helped us set a common structure for our unit-plans, and further ensured that we were fully aligned with the IB philosophy!
Yolanda Maccallum, PYP Coordinator

With nearly 15 years of experience with the IB, Raffles World Academy has an international population of over 1700 students across 85 nationalities and an equally diverse, fast-growing, academic and administrative team.

The school’s PYP coordinator, Yolanda Maccallum, shares, “We were always proud of how closely knit our family-teacher community was, and how we supported each other in practicing the PYP better. But as the school started to scale up, we needed to streamline our practices to make sure we had enough visibility to be able to contribute to each other’s journeys. This is where Toddle came in handy.  Not only were we able to share planners, student portfolios, key announcements, and report cards, all in one place, but also foster a deeper understanding of the PYP along the way!”

Raffles World Academy Case Study
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