Toddle Case Study
How Moving to Toddle Demystified MYP Planning for La Scuola International School
Just moving away from the sea of blue and white boxes in our previous planner has helped bring out the creative side in our teachers.
Ms. Chiara Fornetti, Technology Coordinator

La Scuola International School is San Francisco’s only PreK-8 International Baccalaureate World School. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to pedagogy, the school believes that every child is capable of being a partner in their learning, and is committed to inspiring brave learners to shape the future.

Their technology coordinator, Chiara Fornetti shares, “We’ve always believed that students, teachers, and families are equally important to our school community, and we wanted the technology we used to be reflective of this philosophy. When we used our previous LMS for unit planning, we still had to use several other platforms like Google Classroom and Google Docs to collaborate with students and families, and couldn’t really involve them in curriculum planning as closely as we wanted to.”

“With Toddle, not only were we able to co-plan more cohesive IB MYP units with students and families, but we could also connect them to daily learning experiences, portfolios, report cards, and family communication, all from one interface.”

La Scuola International School Case Study
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