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Guide to Language B in the DP

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.                   

Ludwig Wittgenstein

As IB DP language B educators, your goal is to unlock these limits and give your students the key to international-mindedness through the study of language, culture, ideas, and issues of global significance. Language B is a language acquisition course designed to provide students in the DP with an opportunity to develop the skills and intercultural understanding to communicate successfully in an environment where the language studied is spoken. This guide to language B is designed as a simplified introduction to help you achieve these goals in your classrooms!

The guide features blogs with actionable strategies and downloadable templates that you can use independently or with your teaching teams to discover the nuts and bolts of the language B course. We’ve also added bonus reflections and activities which you can undertake as you make your way through the guide, along with classroom tips to help you bring the language B course to life in your classroom!

Please note: We designed this guide to be navigated sequentially. That being said, this is your inquiry so feel free to jump around to the sections you find most relevant to your context.

Who is this for and what’s inside?

About the author:

Mariana, who is originally from Rosario, Argentina, earned her college degree in second language learning with a focus on English and Spanish. She worked as an English language instructor in various contexts and is currently working at the KAUST School as the K12 world language coordinator. Her role evolved as the school moved towards a more international approach to education by pursuing IB accreditation. She took an active role in the process in different areas: academic policy writing, curriculum mapping, and programme development. Her roles in these past years have varied between CAS coordinator, IBDP language A and B educator, and IB DP coordinator.