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Part 1: What is the MYP?

The MYP is a conceptually-driven curriculum providing students with a range of learning experiences. It provides educators with a framework for designing authentic learning experiences for students, enabling them to make connections to the world outside of the classroom. Over its five years, the programme focuses on developing students’ mindsets and skills that allow them to become lifelong learners.

Students engage in eight academic disciplines, building on both subject-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge, and continually inquire into how knowledge transfers within subjects, as well as to the world they inhabit. The MYP curriculum includes the following key components, which we will go over in this guide:

  1. Approaches to learning skills: Five skill groups, or clusters, which students are explicitly taught how to develop across experiences
  2. Key and related concepts: Disciplinary anchors that help students explore big ideas
  3. Global contexts: Umbrella explorations to situate taught content within the real world

To get started with understanding the key tenets of the MYP, as well as each of the individual subject groups, check out our visual guides below!

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