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Global contexts

Along with the key and related concepts, all units also use one of the six IB global contexts – umbrella themes that help students situate their classroom learning within a real-world context. Global contexts allow students to explore local, national and global issues and build on powerful themes of global significance.

For every global context, there are a set of recommended explorations that may be used as pathways to inquire into the said theme.

Teachers choose a global context for each unit for their subject, along with an exploration, to provide a contextual lens and promote international mindedness amongst students. Teachers may also come up with their own explorations to accommodate specific milieus. The same global contexts are used across subjects to promote greater interdisciplinary inquiry.

Get ideas for reimagining how your subject’s content might be approached differently using each of the six global contexts, and jazz up your classroom walls, using these recommended resources below!

Disclaimer: This guide has been produced independently of and not endorsed by the IB. Toddle’s resources seek to encourage sharing of perspectives and innovative ideas for classroom teaching & learning. They are not intended to be replacements for official IB guides and publications. Views and opinions expressed by the authors of these resources are personal and should not be construed as official guidance by the IB. Please seek assistance from your school’s IB coordinator and/or refer to official IB documents before implementing ideas and strategies shared within these resources in your classroom.