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Your Guide to Inquiry in the PYP

To an outsider, an inquiry classroom can look, feel, and sound like a mystery. That makes PYP teachers detectives. The entire process, from provocation to action, can sometimes feel sticky, daunting, or just plain confusing.

We’ve created this guide to help you unpack inquiry in the PYP and get resources that can be used independently or with your team. We collaborated with amazing inquiry educators, Cindy Blackburn, Chris Gadbury, Ika Vargas, Joe Amabile, Misty Paterson, Snigdha Baduni, Shamal Merchant, and Shambhavee Sharma to create a toolkit unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Who is this for and what’s inside?

1. For you, the inquiry educator: You will have everything you need to unravel the mystery of inquiry.

2. For your learners, the inquirers: Give your junior detectives guides, thinking routines, and classroom displays to document the process of inquiring.

3. For your families, the inquiry community: Make your learning community true partners in solving the inquiry mystery with our plug-and-play workshops.

Please note: We designed this guide to be navigated sequentially. That being said, this is your inquiry so feel free to jump around to the sections you find most relevant to your context.

Disclaimer: This guide has been produced independently of and not endorsed by the IB. Toddle’s resources seek to encourage sharing of perspectives and innovative ideas for classroom teaching & learning. They are not intended to be replacements for official IB guides and publications. Views and opinions expressed by the authors of these resources are personal and should not be construed as official guidance by the IB. Please seek assistance from your school’s IB coordinator and/or refer to official IB documents before implementing ideas and strategies shared within these resources in your classroom.