Building Literacy Skills Through Loose Parts Play- A Toolkit

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Loose part play has become a buzzword in Early Years recently, but how can this be used as a tool to develop communication, language and literacy? How to move beyond loose parts being gathered in baskets and scattered around the room in play? How to honour agency and choice, while provoking intentional play?

This toolkit provides an opportunity to reflect on what loose part play looks like in your setting. By framing loose parts play through the lens of storytelling and the “100 languages”, you can encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to express themselves in a variety of ways. Start small! Use a story to inspire creations as the children explore the parts and how to use them.  Invite children to show their own stories by using the parts. Very soon you will have a group of budding authors, bursting with tales to share!

Use this resource to:

  • Enhance your loose part collection
  • Use loose parts as a tool for story creation and telling
  • Find resources to deepen your own loose parts understanding and facilitation
Lisa Kane

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Lisa Kane
Lisa is a passionate early years educator, having found her way into the field after being fascinated by the rapid and wondrous development in the first years of her own children’s lives. Following these curiosities has taken her through a degree and post-grad in Early Years education, and clocking up over 20 years of hands-on experience in a variety of international school settings. Lisa believes that learning is co-constructed alongside the smallest humans, and is energised by the curiosity, awe and wonder they generate.
Classroom Strategies, Early Years
Building Literacy Skills Through Loose Parts Play- A Toolkit
Use this toolkit to explore how loose parts provides children with endless possibilities to boost imagination and creativity. But that's not all! Move beyond creativity, and discover how loose parts provides children with sensory opportunities to cultivate language, and story-telling skills.