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Designing Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences
MYP Interdisciplinary Units: Exploring the New Guide and SOIs
Foundations of Understanding by Design with Jay McTighe
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Teaching big ideas in the MYP
Head Start with Toddle
Crafting Strong Central Ideas: An interactive walkthrough
Mindfulness as a strategy for promoting ATLs in the PYP
Panel Discussion- The importance of SEL in a post pandemic world
The six drivers of inquiry-based learning
Leading for learning: A journey through inquiry for greater inclusion
Creative destruction
Making inner sustainable changes
Getting started with inquiry
Never work harder than your students
Creating an Understanding-Based Curriculum and assessment system for 21st century learning
Teaching for understanding – A panel discussion
Teacher Fit mental wellness
Freeing inquiry from the yoke of adult supremacy
Play-as-inquiry – Enabling children’s agency to emerge
Leading like a rockstar in times of change
Flourishing future – Designing a better normal
Mindfulness for personal practice
What’s the point of inquiry learning?
Elevating student voice through assessment
Student agency through design thinking and the Genius Hour
Personalized learning in a professional learning community
Library at the heart of the school: Developing inquiry and research – Panel discussion
Feel good for life
Learning that transfers – Designing curriculum for a changing world
Learning that transfers for the middle years
Transdisciplinary learning that transfers
Socially responsible leadership; addressing diversity and racism in international education
Turning pro with your wellness habits
Learning in a post-pandemic world: What’s changed (and is changing) about education and schools
The PYP SEL Pop-Up
Inspire your group – How to mentor the PYP exhibition successfully
PYPx – A beginner’s guide
Discover a new guided PYPx student planner
Rethinking action from home
Think with your hands
Making your network
Making inner sustainable changes
Steam & storytelling: inspiring student agency and transdisciplinary learning through storytelling
Systems thinking through the Compass
Teaching science remotely – have some fun with it!
Self care – social, emotional, spiritual well-being
Unleashing creativity
Designing Playworlds for the early years
Hands-on learning: The secret sauce of future-proof learning