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Project POI: Creating and Reviewing Your Curriculum
MYP ATL Skills Meet-Up
Foundations of Understanding by Design With Jay McTighe
The Big Questions of MYP Planning
Designing Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences
MYP Interdisciplinary Units: Exploring the New Guide and SOIs
Teaching Big Ideas in the MYP
Crafting Strong Central Ideas: An Interactive Walkthrough
Creating an Understanding-Based Curriculum and Assessment System for 21st Century Learning
Teaching for Understanding – A Panel Discussion
Student Agency Through Design Thinking and the Genius Hour
Making your network
Music – More Than Just Fun!
Becoming Einstein’s Teacher
Formulating a Strong Statement of Inquiry
Global Contexts as a Lens to MYP Unit Planning
Reflective Planning
Planning an MYP PHE Unit: The Matter, Mode and Meaning
Integrating ATLs in the MYP Science Classroom
Leading Learning in the Arts With ATLs
The MYP Unit Planner: More Than a Portfolio of Teaching and Learning
Enriching the Language Acquisition Classroom With Performance Tasks
Using the ATL Skills to Support Language and Literature
The Expert Amateur: A New Way to See Design Unit Plans
Designing Authentic Interdisciplinary Units
The Role of Command Terms in the MYP
Personalized Learning in the Single Subjects
A Roadmap for Success in the Single Subjects
Planning a Lower Primary Unit of Inquiry
Planning an Upper Primary Unit of Inquiry
Tools and Strategies for Purposeful Inquiries
Planning a Virtual Unit of Inquiry for the Early Years
Unpacking the PYP – A Visual Masterclass
Living History: Responding to Current Events through Units of Inquiry
Getting to Grips with Central Ideas
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The Logic in Language and Literacy Planning
PYP Mathematics: Planning for Learning and Teaching
Planning Significant, Engaging, Relevant, and Challenging Curriculum
Integrating Curriculum into PYP Units of Inquiry
Well-being: Today, Tomorrow and Into the Future
Opening Mathematics and Opening Minds
The Power of “What If?”