ChatGPT Crash Course for Educators: Part 2

Designing authentic student assessments
Cindy Blackburn and Sarah Phillips
2 min read

We saw an incredible turnout for Part 1 of the ChatGPT Crash Course for Educators earlier this year. 

Nearly 10,000 educators tuning in live on a Saturday? Now, that’s dedication. It’s also a clear sign of how ChatGPT is quickly becoming a vital tool in teaching and learning!

And now, we’re back with Part 2 of this much-loved course!  🎉

What’s on the agenda this time? How educators can design authentic, engaging, and powerful assessments in the ChatGPT era.

What and how should we assess in the age of AI? How do we really understand what our students know? How do we uncover their interests and identify their true strengths? Most importantly, how do we guide students to view ChatGPT as a learning tool rather than just a shortcut?

These are just some of the questions that ChatGPT superstars, Cindy Blackburn and Sarah Philips, will dive into on December 2, 2023.

Here’s what you can look forward to at the session:

  • Clear insights into the role of assessments in the AI era
  • Actionable strategies to design assessments that are ChatGPT-proof
  • A student-friendly citation guide and teacher assessment planner
  • Handy ChatGPT guide for designing authentic assessments
  • Ideas on how to help students see ChatGPT as a learning tool rather than just a shortcut!
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Did you miss Part 1 of our Crash Course? Check it out here!

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This event is organised independently of and not endorsed by the IB. Toddle's events are organised to enable exchange of practices and ideas within the educator community and are not a replacement for the IB official workshops. Views and opinions expressed by the speakers are their personal views and should not be construed as official guidance by the IB.

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Cindy Blackburn
Cindy has a Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership and has worked as an PYP educator and coordinator internationally for the past ten years. She currently works as the Director of learning and engagement at Toddle and specializes in developing resources to support teachers and leaders in honing their practice and understandings, to make the PYP simple, actionable, and above all else, joyous.

Sarah Phillips
Sarah has been part of the IB community for over 15 years, serving in a variety of capacities including MYP Coordinator and Principal at the IB Global Centre in the Hague. She is now the Director of Learning and Engagement for MYP at Toddle.