IBDP Extended Essay Café

Apr 23, 2022
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Emily Stannard, Donald Cleary, Muna Darwish, Tanusankar Chakraborty, Love Trivedi, Rima Puri, Marwa Bkerat, Koelia Ojha, Susan Vaidyan, Jake Fisher and Kuntal Bhandare
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Join DP educators from around the world to brainstorm on best practices for the extended essay!

The extended essay (EE) is one of the centerpieces of the IB Diploma Programme. Designed as an independent, academic investigation into a topic of personal interest, the essay is a crucial step in students’ preparation for university studies. This interactive Meet-Up hosted DP extended essay coordinators and supervisors to explore meaningful ways to support students during the process of writing their essays. Watch extended essay experts from the International Collaboration of the Extended Essay (ICEE) and the Liferarian Association give insights into best practices that can be shared with students. Brainstorm how subject-specific criteria can be mapped to students’ extended essays, and how you can guide them to success!

Meet-Up objectives:

  • Learn how to help students build crucial skills for the EE such as formulating RQs
  • Collaboratively grade EE exemplars and unpack subject-specific criteria
  • Understand the crucial role of the librarian in the EE process
  • Take home free actionable resources to support the EE journey at your school

Session overviews

Session 1

Essential skills for the extended essay

In this keynote, Emily explores the different skills that can come in handy for EE coordinators and supervisors. This includes guiding students on important aspects of the essay such as developing research questions and writing reflections.

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Session 2

Subject-specific sessions

Unpack subject-specific assessment criteria for the extended essay and learn how students can be guided to successfully meet them.


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