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January 28, 2023
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About the meet-up

As an IGCSE leader, you’re constantly striving for excellence – building systems and processes at your school, empowering teachers with best practices, and ensuring students are future-ready. Designed to grow your practice, the IGCSE Leaders Meet-Up focuses on key aspects of the IGCSE – assessment, grading, differentiation, metacognition, and active learning.

The meet-up is your opportunity to learn from superstars, build lasting relationships with IGCSE leaders from around the world, and take away actionable insights.

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About the sessions

As IGCSE leaders, setting goals and working backward from them is an essential part of supporting teaching at your school, and grade descriptors can be like a guiding torchlight for this process. In this session with Mary George, participants will brainstorm how IGCSE grade descriptors are used in their schools and subjects, explore how the grade descriptors can be used to guide student learning and set targets, and develop a feedback and student self-reflection form. The session will lead to an understanding of how teachers and students can be partners in exam success.

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