MYP ATL Skills Meet-Up
Apr 30, 2022
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Nadia Abdallah & Anshu Sharma
2 min read

The IB MYP is driven by the approaches to learning (ATL) skills. Each of these defined skill categories help students become better learners both inside and outside the classroom. Making the ATL skills come alive requires mindful planning and balancing teaching of content with the teaching of skills. The sessions at this Meet-Up were led by experienced MYP educators to help you better understand how you can help your students develop crucial ATL skills, embed these skills in your subject curricula, and unpack insights for mapping skill progression across the five years of the MYP at your school. 

Meet-Up objectives:

  • Learn how to select and align ATLs with subject-specific objectives
  • Design your own learning experiences to explicitly teach ATLs
  • Explore pathways for curriculum mapping with ATLs

Session overviews

Session 1

ATL Skills in MYP Unit Planners

Ensuring that all components of an MYP unit planner, particularly the ATL skills, align with one another is key to making the planner authentic. Watch experienced MYP educator and consultant, Nadia Abdallah, as she dives into the importance of aligning ATL skills with subject objectives to create meaningful learning experiences for students. Learn how to construct ATL statements and walk away with handy resources to help you select relevant ATL skills for your subject. 

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