Adapting the School Schedule | First steps for MYP candidate schools

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Let’s dive into the world of school schedules, shall we? They may seem like a mundane piece of paper, but they can actually reveal quite a bit about a school’s educational approach. From the range of subjects students study to the allocation of time for each subject, a school schedule (or master timetable) is an important document that deserves attention.

What you’re required to produce for authorisation

For schools that are candidates for the MYP programme, the existing schedule must be adjusted to meet the programme’s requirements and support its implementation. You’ll need to submit a sample schedule for each grade level. Even if you haven’t fully started implementing the MYP in some of those grade levels, the samples should illustrate that:

  • The requirements of the programme(s) can be met. (0201-03-0100). For example:
    • ensuring that students can participate in all 8 subject groups.
    • Students receive at least 50 hours of instruction per year in each of the subject groups
  • There is sufficient time for students to make connections across their learning. (0400-01-0500)

IB does not require a specific type of master schedule, so you can use a block schedule, rotating schedule, flexible schedule or whatever kind of schedule is suitable for your context.

When creating these schedules, it’s crucial to clearly label the MYP subject group names for the time periods allocated to each subject group. For instance, a music class should be labelled as Arts or Arts: Music, and language classes can be classified as Language and Literature or Language Acquisition.

In general, school schedules are an essential tool that illuminates a school’s educational philosophy. For MYP schools, these schedules play a crucial role in ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education that fulfils the program’s requirements.

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