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Part 3: Why are ATL Skills integral to the MYP?

All IB programmes lay particular emphasis on five categories of approaches to learning skills or ATLs – thinking, self-management, social, research, and communication skills. These skills are nurtured to help students learn how to learn.

These categories are further divided into clusters and skill indicators. The indicators clarify expectations for each category and outline specific ways that students can show mastery in each of these areas. This can be better understood with the visual below: 

As ATLs provide a common language and support student learning in and out of the classroom, we may see them visible in many places, including through the core curriculum, assemblies, student conferences and reflections. In the MYP, ATL skills are also documented in unit plans. ATL skills should be explicitly taught and should be connected to the subject objectives.

Learn more about why the ATLs are important, introduce students to the skills they will develop, and get interesting skill-building activity ideas with these engaging resources below!